Holiday parties are fun, but….

HOLIDAY PARTIES ARE FUN, BUT… We all look forward to the holidays when we can look back at where we’ve been, where we hope to go, and celebrate that we made it through another year. Holiday parties at work are a great way to boost morale and toast each other’s good health. Not to put… Read more >

The ultimate fuzzy factor

During the holiday season we all like to do our part and get involved in the spirit of giving.  We may find ourselves making an extra donation to the Salvation Army or volunteering at our church.  Perhaps we help prepare holiday meals at the local food pantry or donate winter coats for the homeless.  Some… Read more >

Computer hygiene – We can all do better

COMPUTER HYGIENE – WE ALL NEED TO DO BETTER Do you wince a bit every time you buy something online with your credit card, thinking that your identity is at greater risk? In your business, no matter how small, do you understand your online vulnerability and do you have confidence that you have taken all… Read more >

How May I help you?

How May I help you? It’s a very broad question. We are in the service industry selling an intangible product….that is until there is a loss. That is when I hit the ground running. My position at the Agency is Claims Manager. I am a liaison between the client and the carrier. I assist in… Read more >

Work Life Balance

WELLNESS IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS! It’s not just the large corporations that need wellness programs. Every business, no matter what the size, depends on having healthy employees to keep things running smoothly. Wellness, however, means far more than just preventing illness. At a time when productivity is so important in staying competitive, the business that… Read more >

Welcome to our Blog!

Amaden Gay has been a neighbor and friend in our community since 1890, first in carriage and harness repair, then real estate and insurance. Our services have evolved naturally in that time — though our core mission of delivering honest solutions and superior service remains the same. Today, we are continuing to evolve. In this… Read more >