Protect Your House in the Fall and Winter

leaf with snow on it

The fall season is a good time to take measures to protect your home for the cold months to come. Here are several tips to help avoid loss to your property during the fall and winter: Fall & Winter Tips Clean your gutters regularly to prevent clogging and potential water damage to your home. Have… Read more >

What To Do After A Car Accident

A car accident always comes as an unfortunate surprise and can be traumatic. It can be hard to think clearly right after the accident occurs. Here are some tips to help you at the scene of the accident Depending on the severity, immediately have someone call 911 for emergency services. Even in the event of… Read more >

Are You Covered for Hurricane Damage?

satellite photo of a hurricane over the US

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1 and will end on November 30. With the most active part of the season ahead, it’s important that you understand both your homeowner and flood insurance coverage so you know what to expect should damage occur at your home. Most homeowner policies include coverage for wind… Read more >

Will You Be Renting Your Home This Season?

Front door of home

With the busy season approaching here in the Hamptons, many people will be renting their homes.  If you are considering this, be aware that your homeowner policy may have coverage limitations or exclusions.  The duration, frequency, and way in which you rent are all factors that may affect your insurance protection. Each insurance carrier takes… Read more >

When is the Right Time to Buy Life Insurance?

life insurance scrabble tiles

Unlike homeowner and auto insurance, life insurance is not coverage you’re usually required to buy. Many people wait too long or disregard this important protection altogether. Here are some tips on when to consider purchasing life insurance: If you have recently married or had a baby, it’s a good time to purchase a policy or… Read more >

Prepare Your Home for Frigid Weather!

frozen roof during snow storm

The deep freeze that is coming our way can cause a host of problems for homeowners. Damage caused by frozen water pipes is one of the most common and severe types of insurance claims that we see every year. As the water in pipes freezes, it expands, creating enough pressure for pipes to rupture. A… Read more >

Holiday Parties are Fun, but . . .

HOLIDAY PARTIES ARE FUN, BUT… We always look forward to the holidays when we can look back at the spot we were, where we hope to spend another year celebrating it. Holiday parties at work are a great way to boost morale and toast each other’s good health. Not to put a damper on them, parties can also present some risks if not planned for. Laws vary widely from state to state. In some states, “social hosts” have little liability.… Read more >

The Ultimate Fuzzy Factor

During the holiday season, we all like to do our part and get involved in the spirit of giving.  We may find ourselves making an extra donation to the Salvation Army or volunteering at our church.  Perhaps we help prepare holiday meals at the local food pantry or donate winter coats for the homeless. Some of us sing to guest houses in our church choir and take a moment to shovel our neighbor’s snow at home.… Read more >

Computer Hygiene – We Can All Do Better

COMPUTER HYGIENE – WE ALL NEED TO DO BETTER Do you wince a bit every time you buy something online with your credit card, thinking that your identity is at greater risk? In your business, no matter how small, do you understand your online vulnerability and do you have confidence that you have taken all… Read more >

How May I Help You?

How May I help you? It’s a very broad question. We are in the service industry selling an intangible product….that is until there is a loss. That is when I hit the ground running. My position at the Agency is Claims Manager. I am a liaison between the client and the carrier. I assist in… Read more >