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It’s not just the large corporations that need wellness programs. Every business, no matter what the size, depends on having healthy employees to keep things running smoothly. Wellness, however, means far more than just preventing illness. At a time when productivity is so important in staying competitive, the business that fosters teamwork and a positive attitude enjoys a powerful result. That’s why we at Amaden Gay decided to reinvent ourselves – not to change our strong work ethic but to give our employees more tools to be productive in both their personal and professional lives.

We started by bringing in The Wellness Foundation to discuss healthy living. We’re not talking about another diet, but rather a lifestyle change and better decision-making when it comes to what you eat. We kicked off with a practical six-week “Wellness Challenge” based on a whole foods, plant-based diet, exercise and stress management regimen. If it sounds like all push-ups and food that tastes like cardboard, we were delightfully proven wrong. Employees were free to pick and choose the ideas that worked for them.

For several years the agency has donated and participated in Katy’s Courage, a local 5K to support pediatric cancer research and children’s bereavement support. This year we are excited to see the largest group participating in the race yet with 20 staff members competing.

We’ve also continued a program, started years ago, which encouraged our staff to get out and volunteer in the community. We have a long tradition of giving back to the Long Island communities that have given us so much. We offer paid volunteer days to all of our staff to help out at the schools or other organizations. This is just another example of our commitment to helping others far beyond what we deliver as insurance professionals.

We started holding weekly yoga classes in the office for our staff and we have also been doing one-minute exercises every hour. Almost everybody participates and if they don’t like the exercise of the day they do their own thing, as long as they get up and move around.

To a casual observer, some of the activities may seem hokey but the fact is they all work. And most of it costs little. Everyone is more upbeat in the office, more focused and grateful and best of all, more productive. We urge everyone to come up with their own recipe for success and let us know what works for you. In the meantime, we‘ll keep you posted with our progress.



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