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Amaden Gay has been a neighbor and friend in our community since 1890, first in carriage and harness repair, then real estate and insurance. Our services have evolved naturally in that time — though our core mission of delivering honest solutions and superior service remains the same.

Today, we are continuing to evolve. In this age of the smartphone, all of us have had to become better multitaskers – juggling work, family, financial and community responsibilities, not to mention leaving some time to relax. As insurance specialists, that means being accessible when our clients need us and providing them with information at their convenience. This is why I am so pleased to introduce our blog, the first of our agency’s many new features.

In our blog, we will share what’s going on in the insurance business, how these changes can affect you and we will offer our perspective. The insurance business has grown more complex so we want to provide you with guidance and keep you ahead of the learning curve as much as possible.  For example, over the years we’ve taken many questions about flooding and coastal damage. As the frequency and severity of storms rise across the country, these questions will multiply and we will be here to supply you with the answers.

There’s more to living on Long Island than insurance, of course. So, some of our blogs will also share stories about what’s going on in our communities and how we are all working to make them safer, more productive and more vibrant.

What we at Amaden Gay wanted to accomplish in 1890 and still strive for today is to make our agency more personal, resourceful and engaging for our clients and potential clients. We are still a family, though now we are comprised of more than forty dedicated professionals that can work with you locally, nationally and internationally. We are your neighbors –and while you are always welcome to drop into our office, we hope you will visit us regularly online, get to know us and give us the opportunity to get to know you and how we can help.
James P. Amaden
631‑324‑0041 Ext. 343 jamaden@amadengay.com

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