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woman holding tuna fishHow May I help you? It’s a very broad question. We are in the service industry selling an intangible product….that is until there is a loss. That is when I hit the ground running. My position at the Agency is Claims Manager. I am a liaison between the client and the carrier. I assist in all phases of the claims process. Whether it is an auto accident, a property or casualty claim.

Life happens outside of regular business hours. Unfortunately that sometimes includes an incident that causes property damage or injury. Getting the gears in motion after hours requires a different set of skills.

I had a call late on a Friday in the middle of summer. A transformer had blown in the street in front of our client’s brownstone. It was a hot humid August day. The extent of the smoke damage was unknown as the fire department would not allow entry into the building. Our client was scheduled to fly out to Europe that evening.

This particular client had an extensive art collection. With the power out from an explosion, not only were we dealing with possible smoke damage, but exposure to oppressive heat and humidity as well as a security system that was down.

I had put everyone on alert including the insurance carrier, one of our preferred restoration vendors as well as an art moving and storage company. Again – no access because we are waiting for clearance from the fire department.

My weekends are sacred and in the summer spent on the water fishing. That particular Saturday I was off shore in search of TUNA. I was able to coordinate from miles offshore the emergency team to secure the location, prevent any further damage and protect the precious art.

In my position over the years I have fostered relationships with vendors and adjusters who have the same work ethic and belief that every client deserves our attention, expertise, compassion and drive to make them whole again after a loss.

Life doesn’t stop after 4:30.


Helen M. McGuire :631 324 0041 Ext 307

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Well said! And I totally agree. This level of commitment from service providers is often the fatal flaw in business/client retention. Employee who are committed really do affect the bottom line, like your example above.


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