Protection From Start to Finish

If you’re having a home built or renovated in the Hamptons, you should consider getting builder’s risk insurance to protect your assets. This coverage, a type of property insurance, will keep your house and its building materials protected while construction or renovation is in progress.

When a house is under construction, it is especially vulnerable to certain hazards. Construction work may lead to fires and other job site accidents. Incomplete structures can be susceptible to damage from wind and other natural elements. While a house is being worked on, building materials can become targets for thieves and vandals, including materials that are off-site or in-transit.

Builder’s risk insurance — sometimes known as the course of construction insurance — protects you against all of these risks. It is not typically included in homeowners’ insurance.

Timing is Everything

Builder’s risk coverage should be timed to begin before building materials arrive on the job site. This type of insurance is short-term, usually lasting between 3 and 12 months. though it can be extended if construction is delayed or runs long. When the house is ready to be occupied, coverage ends and policyholders can transition to homeowners insurance.

Reducing Risk for Exclusive Clients

At Amaden Gay, we proactively reduce risk and manage costs for extremely successful families with significant assets. We take the time to visit almost every home construction site so we can better evaluate exposures, determine flood zones and elevation, and assess replacement costs.

For more than 100 years, AGA has provided innovative waterfront insurance solutions and unparalleled service to high-net-worth clients in the Hamptons and beyond. Our private clients always receive the highest level of discrete attention and personalized service.

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