Flood Insurance in the Hamptons

If you own residential or commercial property in the Hamptons, flood insurance should be on your mind. Here on the North Fork and South Fork on the East End of Long Island, we are surrounded by water. Unfortunately, as the climate changes, destructive storms like Hurricane Sandy are becoming more frequent and more powerful. They bring the threat of storm surge, which can cause major property damage and loss of life. There’s also generally a strong risk for flooding from heavy rain and tidal surges.

As a rule, homeowners insurance does not include flood insurance which includes damage from tidal water AND surface run-off water.  Flood insurance usually has to be purchased on a separate policy. Water damage from inside the home…such as broken pipes, is covered by your homeowner policy.

It’s important to be proactive and not wait for an emergency to protect your assets. The typical waiting period for flood insurance is 30 days.

AGA: Private Flood Insurance Specialists 

Whether your property is located near the ocean, a bay, a pond or a marshland, Amaden Gay Agencies can help you find the flood insurance coverage that’s most appropriate for your needs. We specialize in assessing these unique properties. Our agents often take the time to visit your home in-person so that we can better evaluate exposures, determine flood zones and elevation, and assess the replacement costs for each property and its contents.

For more than 100 years, Amaden Gay Agencies has provided innovative waterfront insurance solutions and unparalleled service to high-net-worth clients in the Hamptons and beyond. Our private clients always receive the highest level of discrete attention and personalized service.

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