It’s important to protect and insure your valuable collections in the Hamptons, in Manhattan, and on a worldwide basis.

Fine Art

An “all risk” policy tailored policy to meet the needs of your unique art collection. We can help make sure your art is covered while at your home, in transit, and on loan. We can also help with art collection management services and appraisals to make sure the values on your insurance are up to date.


Comprehensive protection for your rare antique collection that includes coverage for damage including breakage.


Worldwide coverage for your fine jewelry that includes theft and loss of items or gems. Premium discounts are available if you keep your jewelry in a safe or bank vault.


Coverage for your prized wine collection that includes protection from breakage and spoilage.


Comprehensive protection for your fine silverware collection.

Musical Instruments

We can help make sure your Steinway piano or other valuable instrument are well covered while at home or in transit.

Other Collectibles

Whether you collect rare books, stamps, coins or any other valuables, we can help make sure your unique collection is well protected.

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